"A Falling House"  
Project of a 16 -storey apartment house
An apartment house ABCD-07.2002 includes two sixteen-storey towers (18.0 x 15.2 meters in axis) connected with each other with a vertical communication shaft and two-storey stylobate which includes a hall and public areas. The communication shaft contains elevators and elevator halls, smoke controlled evacuation stairs, trash chute, etc.

Compositional solution of the building is based on a principle of axis symmetry, and appears as an inner balanced organism at outside look tension. The general idea is ‘A HOUSE IN ITSELF’. The spatial structure of the complex presupposes to locate it inside existing city structures at condensation of local urban development, creating a new dynamic outlook of dwelling areas. In the present city planning situation, it is possible to build two or three two-tower houses of the kind.
The house plan suggests two-level apartments of L-type shape, threaded around an axis of two side light winter gardens. Each apartment has a window wall facing a winter garden. Winter gardens have all-around windows and are oriented toward East and West with a tilt of outside windows to the sun. In the upper part of the towers, there are penthouses, which have a slightly different plan and a translucent roof with a passive system of sun power utilization. The general plan has several solutions of alternative openness in order to provide more freedom in inner space development (open planning, etc.)

Construction concept of the building is based upon use of metal frame and add-on systems of aired fronts and stained glass.

General technical and economic features:
Total floor area (stylobate including) – 8 692 square meters
Development volume – 37 262 cubic meters
Site area – 2 000 square meters